Getting Started: What do you want?

Begin where you are, and create the foundation for your dream.

Language: English

Instructors: Nea Clare


Why this course?


Do you struggle answering questions like?

  • What is your life vision?
  • What do you really want for yourself?
  • What is your dream?
  • What is your purpose?

This course will help you get started!

If you get stuck answering questions about your dream or what you want, this course is for you.

Nea Clare, Activation Coach and Spiritual Teacher, walks you through a simple and powerful 5-Step Process to discover what you really want.

Like the title of this course, this is to help you get started - to 'prime the pump' of your desires, so that you can get started.


"When you start, you will have something to respond to - even if the response is to toss it and start over." ~ Nea Clare

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