What is Soul Bursts?

Soul Bursts is a monthly Channeled message, energy update, and resource guide to support you where you are in your spiritual journey.

Each month you will receive a channeled message from Nea Clare, as well as a new channeled meditation.  Nea will also provide tools and resources to support you and your energy. 

You will have the opportunity to send your questions for Nea Clare and her Team to answer in a monthly video message.

Soul Bursts is YOUR RESOURCE to uplift and expand YOU.

Join with inspired souls around the world.

Soul Bursts is a touchstone to support your highest wisdom. Each month you will experience guidance, support, encouragement, love, and inspiration that honors you and who you are becoming.

Receive divine messages, vision, positivity, light, personal clarity, and feel good about
who you are and your impact in this ever-changing world.
Pure soul guidance to help you calibrate with our highest wisdom - providing a reminder of
who you really are and your power to co-create what you love.

Who is Nea Clare?

Nea Clare is a master teacher and natural channel for Spirit., she has spent the last eight years working with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other etheric teaching collectives to share messages of clarity, support, and love. As a channel, Nea Clare has developed a profound love for what is to be human and to be willing to navigate this human experience with greater peace, ease, and harmony. Her down-to-earth style, and delightful sense of humor, make every message a joy to receive. She is passionate about sharing these teachings and practices with you.

This is your invitation to experience Nea Clare's extraordinary teachings through personal stories of healing and awakening, meditations from various traditions, simple exercises for expanding consciousness.

“You, too, are a channel for spirit. Your gifts, talents, capabilities, and choices are how you can impact the world around you. When you see yourself as Divine and act from this knowing, you will see that everyone you touch is positively impacted.” 
 ~Nea Clare


First 100 Soul Burst Subscribers get 1 year for $130 (Save $58!)


$78 ($19/month)


$130 ($10.83/month)


$188 ($15.6/month)



  • Join a supportive private community of fellow seekers and practitioners who want to enliven their personal connection with Spirit.
  • Experience powerful channeled transmissions from Spirit to help you stay in calibration with your highest self.
  • Send your questions and receive answers from Nea Clare and the Masters.
  • Create your personal care routine with guided meditations - a new one each month.
  • Never again wonder how to manifest your desires, with our curated resources.
  • Explore your inner self through guided meditations, journal prompts, or explore our library of past channeled messages
  • Receive a discounted rate for eCourses, personal sessions, and workshops with Nea Clare.

With Soul Bursts, you get...

  • A Monthly Channeled Message from Spirit (audio file)
  • A Guided Meditation (audio file)
  • Q&A Video with Nea Clare - new topics each month
  • A monthly message from Nea Clare (video file/audio files)
  • Archive of guided meditations, channeled messages, and more
  • Private community
  • Access to LIVE events (quarterly)
  • And more…
    Coming soon - access to Soul Bursts via the phone app (iOS and Android)
    Early access and discounts for upcoming eCourses and Workshops


It’s time to support your Soul!


What people are saying

"I look forward to the meditations. Physically people have noticed my eyes are clearer,  I've lost weight. Mentally my thoughts are more focused and positive. Overall, it's been a great experience for me." ~Kristi Cornell

"I will Forever and Always thank my lucky stars for finding you Nea. You have given  me more guidance and clarity than I could ever put into words." ~Sherri DeWitt

"The meditation and connection w has helped me stay calmer in all areas of my life. I  have not felt alone but rather, wrapped in a loving community." ~Carole Cole

"Thank you Nea Clare for all you are and do. Your presence in our community and my  life is so apprecaited!" ~Michele Rae

"These daily meditations have been so powerful for me and I really enjoy connecting  with everyone." ~Jennifer Ollie Roundtree


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